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Accipiter develops and markets Internet application software that enables web sites to deliver targeted advertising based on specific demographic profiles and to track individual visitors on a site. In April 1998, Accipiter was sold to CMG Information Services, Inc. (CMGI), a NASDAQ traded Internet company.

Blackboard develops software that allows universities and corporations to host classes and training on the World Wide Web.  Blackboard currently powers learning environments at more than 3,300 institutions nationwide and in more than 70 countries worldwide.  Blackboard had its IPO in June 2004 (NASDAQ:  BBBB).


DataFlux is a software company that focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative database software products designed to significantly improve the accuracy and usability of an organization's data. During the second quarter of 2000, DataFlux was acquired by SAS Institute of Cary, NC.

Emageon provides deep archiving, web distribution and viewing solutions for the healthcare industry.  The company’s products enable healthcare providers to immediately archive diagnostic images (MRI, CT, CR, etc.) and simultaneously make the images available to healthcare professionals across the Internet at the point of care.  Emageon had its IPO in February 2004 (NASDAQ: EMAG).

Inphonic is the leading end-to-end solutions provider in the development and management of Virtual Private Wireless Networks, enabling its clients to deliver wireless content, access corporate data and control device management to their end-users through a combination of wireless and Internet based products and services. Inphonic had its IPO in November 2004 (NASDAQ:  INPC).

Natus is a medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets proprietary, non-invasive medical instruments and related disposables for use in diagnosing diseases in newborn infants and children.  Natus had its IPO in July 2001 (NASDAQ: BABY).


Solution Technology manufactures a family of polishes for precision polishing applications, including products for the optical, metallurgical and semiconductor industries. In 1997, Rodel, Inc., a manufacturer of pads used in polishing semiconductor wafers in the semiconductor industry, purchased STI.

Unitive is a spin-off from MCNC, the non-profit technology center in RTP.  The company is a semiconductor packaging technology firm that is commercializing one of the world's premier flip chip solder bumping technologies for the electronics industry.  Unitive was acquired by Amkor Technology in August 2004.

Virologic is a biotechnology company that performs, develops and markets drug susceptibility and resistance tests to be used in optimizing the treatment of patients with serious viral infections.  Virologic had its IPO in May 2000 (NASDAQ:  VLGC).