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Accipiter develops and markets Internet application software that enables web sites to deliver targeted advertising based on specific demographic profiles and to track individual visitors on a site. In April 1998, Accipiter was sold to CMG Information Services, Inc. (CMGI), a NASDAQ traded Internet company.

Blackboard develops software that allows universities and corporations to host classes and training on the World Wide Web. Blackboard currently powers learning environments at more than 3,300 institutions nationwide and in more than 70 countries worldwide. Blackboard had its IPO in June 2004 (NASDAQ: BBBB).

Centice develops computational "smart" sensors for use in analytical and biomedical instruments, process spectrometers, imaging equipment and position-tracking systems.

Covelight Systems is an innovator of solutions that detect theft, fraud and abuse of critical web-enabled assets.  The company’s patent-pending solutions deliver actionable intelligence in the form of real-time incident detection and notification, operational and security analytics, and extensive forensic audit trails to ensure an enterprise’s web-application user community is held accountable.


DataFlux is a software company that focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative database software products designed to significantly improve the accuracy and usability of an organization's data. During the second quarter of 2000, DataFlux was acquired by SAS Institute of Cary, NC.

Foresight provides suite of software solutions to the healthcare industry to increase the automation, efficiency and compliance of claims, payments, and other transaction processing. Customers, including leading healthcare providers, payers, third party administrators and clearinghouses, have reduced errors, automated problem resolution, driven down their costs and assured compliance to federal standards.

Global eXchange Services (GXS) operates one of the largest B2B e-commerce networks in the world, managing 1 billion transactions annually for more than 100,000 trading partners. With more than 35 years experience, GXS provides supply chain services and software to 60% of Fortune 500 companies. Aurora portfolio company, HAHT Commerce was acquired by Global eXchange Services in January 2004.

Gómez is the technology leader in Internet Quality Measurement, providing competitive intelligence, benchmarking and consulting expertise.  Businesses use Gómez to continuously monitor Web site availability and to measure transaction performance of their global Web sites in order to get a comprehensive view of the entire customer online experience.  Gómez acquired Aurora portfolio company, Porivo Technologies in August 2002.

Inphonic is the leading end-to-end solutions provider in the development and management of Virtual Private Wireless Networks, enabling its clients to deliver wireless content, access corporate data and control device management to their end-users through a combination of wireless and Internet based products and services. Inphonic had its IPO in November 2004 (NASDAQ: INPC).

MicroMass delivers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and services to enable organizations to provide tailored relationships with their customers, prospects and partners.

The leader in designing and implementing applications for the subscriber identity module (SIM), a smart chip inside every GSM phone worldwide.  Carousel, the mobile-mind corporate SIM product suite, delivers the functionality of core business processes directly to the phone.
Nextreme Thermal Solutions is a manufacturer of high-performance thin-film superlattice thermoelectric devices.

psiloQuest is an integrated circuit CMP company specializing in advanced polishing systems.   The company intends to challenge and change the CMP polishing sector of the semiconductor industry by incorporating new technological know-how.


Solution Technology manufactures a family of polishes for precision polishing applications, including products for the optical, metallurgical and semiconductor industries. In 1997, Rodel, Inc., a manufacturer of pads used in polishing semiconductor wafers in the semiconductor industry, purchased STI.

StrikeIron was formed to develop and sell products that allow the knowledge worker and business information analyst to take advantage of the wealth of global information made accessible by the emerging set of Web Services technologies.

Synchris, Inc. provides an integrated software suite that improves the efficiency with which companies identify, research, bid and win federal and state government contracts

Unitive is a spin-off from MCNC, the non-profit technology center in RTP. The company is a semiconductor packaging technology firm that is commercializing one of the world's premier flip chip solder bumping technologies for the electronics industry. Unitive was acquired by Amkor Technology in August 2004.

Develops and sells data backup and recovery systems based on proven software and state-of-the-art, disk-to-disk based hardware appliances. The company delivers hitherto unaffordable enterprise data management features to medium and small companies.

VetCentric provides outsourced solutions to veterinary clinics for the management and delivery of prescription drugs to pet owners through its mail order pharmacy. VetCentric provides the veterinarian with a single source for prescription pharmaceuticals, compounded medications, human medications and prescription diet needs.

WiDeFi is a fabless semiconductor chip vendor developing wireless repeater technology and solutions that improve the range, performance, quality of service, capacity and security for existing wireless networks