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Grant Jackson

Grant leads The Aurora Funds healthcare services and healthcare IT investing effort. He sources new investments and works with existing portfolio companies in these areas.  He currently serves on the board of two of Aurora's companies, ALN Medical Services and Valor Healthcare, Inc., and serves as an observer on the boards of Trivrix and UES.

Previously, Grant worked with First Analysis Corporation, an Investment Bank and Venture Capital  firm in Chicago, Illinois, where he specialized in venture  capital and public equity research in the healthcare services  and healthcare IT sectors. His venture capital investment background includes board level experience in all stages of the portfolio company life cycle, from deal sourcing to investment exit. While at First Analysis he served on the board of Future Health Corporation and was the primary interface for CCS Medical (formerly Chronic Care Solutions).

Prior to joining First Analysis in 2001, Jackson worked with Compaq Computer Corporation in their Palo Alto, California, venture capital group.  Earlier, he was a manager at Accenture, where he served on merger assessment and implementation teams, building managerial, financial, and operational skills in multiple industries.

Jackson earned an MBA with distinction from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, where he was awarded the Siebel Scholarship, an academic achievement and leadership award given to the top five students at five of the top graduate business schools in the nation.