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William New

Dr. New has over thirty years experience in the medical device industry. He was the co-founder and chairman of Nellcor Incorporated (developer of pulse oximetry) before founding Natus Medical in 1989. In addition to serving on the boards of several corporate, academic and public sector organizations, Dr. New has been a member of the clinical anesthesia faculty at Stanford University Medical Center since 1975, and has chaired the Board of Visitors, Duke University Medical Center since 1994. Dr. New earned masters degrees in engineering and business at Stanford University, his medical degree at Duke University and a Ph.D. in physiology from UCLA. He has authored twelve papers and holds several patents.

1989-Pres Chairman/CTO, Natus Medical Inc., San Carlos, CA Develop, manufacture and market electronic diagnostic and screening devices for pregnancy and infant care.

1988-Pres Chairman/CEO, The Novent Group, Palo Alto, CA Seed investor in innovative technologies and early-stage companies targeting medical, environmental and scientific markets

1981-1988 Founder and Chairman, Nellcor Incorporated, Hayward, CA Medical electronics manufacturer of pulse oximeters and associated optical sensors for monitoring critical care patients

1980-1981 Kaiser Foundation Fellow, Sloan Executive Management Program Stanford University Graduate School of Business Fast-track Masters program for mid-career general managers

1975-2000 Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesia Stanford University School of Medicine

Clinical specialist in cardiovascular/heart transplant anesthesia Bioengineering research developing electronic instrumentation for intensive monitoring and life support