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StrikeIron Launches ISV Program for Plug and Play Access to the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace

Solution offers one-stop integration of Commercial Web Services for real-time data access and development of on-demand applications

Research Triangle Park, NC – October 4, 2005 – StrikeIron™ Inc., the worldwide leader of Web services commercialization through the StrikeIron Web Services Business Networkä (WSBizNetä), today announced the StrikeIron ISV Marketplace Integration program for Independent Software Vendors and Solution Providers.  As part of this program, StrikeIron is providing a StrikeIron Marketplace Integration Web Service that allows plug and play access to the StrikeIron Marketplace API directly into their applications.

ISVs and Solution Providers now have a way to easily integrate commercial Web services into their applications to provide new value with real-time external data access and functionality.  This is an ideal solution for the integration of live data directly into real-time business processes to increase productivity and lower costs.  For example, Web services can be used in CRM applications to implement live data feeds and thus eliminate the time consuming, costly and error prone methods of bulk data importing, exporting and cleanup.

“The StrikeIron Marketplace is a perfect complement to mWorks, our mobile application development platform,” said Rodney Aiglstorfer, CTO and Co-Founder of mFoundry. “With the StrikeIron Marketplace, we are giving our developers access to a broad range of commercial Web services that can be quickly and easily incorporated into mobile applications. Our partnership with StrikeIron adds great value to our platform.”

"StrikeIron has eliminated many of the barriers and costs to integrating multiple Web services into external applications,” said Bob Brauer, President and co-founder of StrikeIron.  “Now anyone can easily leverage StrikeIron’s sophisticated Web services commercialization platform and take advantage of all the subscription, billing, accounting, and tracking for micro–transaction usage.”

Program Benefits:

Instant access to all of the StrikeIron Marketplace Web Services with the broadest spectrum of industry coverage available in the market.
Increased revenue opportunities by getting paid on consumption of these Web services.
Transparent choice of protocol to best fit development requirements (REST, SOAP, HTTPS).
Eliminates ISV infrastructure investment with StrikeIron handling all of the registration, subscription, billing, payment and account management.
Faster time to market with experienced development and support services. 
Flexibility to fit application integration requirements.

Examples of ISVs currently integrating StrikeIron Marketplace Web Services:

CRMFusion – ( is a data cleansing and integration vendor focused on on-demand technologies. They have integrated several StrikeIron cleansing and verification Web services into their solution, demonstrating it at DreamForce 2005.

DreamFactory – ( ) enables the creation of a new class of on-demand “Super Apps” that are rapidly assembled from standards-based service components and deployed with a rich user experience.  They are integrating the StrikeIron Marketplace in to their RAD environment.

GridScope – ( provides a simple, platform independent solution for federated management of Web services that underlie enterprise-critical business processes. They are integrating the StrikeIron Global Directory of Marketplace Web Services into the GridScope Service Management solution suite.

InfoWinner – ( integrates CRM-related Web services into Outlook, Act, and Goldmine for both US & European customers.  They are integrating the StrikeIron Marketplace Web Services into their platform.

mFoundry –( mFoundry is a leading mobile application platform provider and publisher. They are integrating the StrikeIron Marketplace directory of services into their platform, mWorks, which enables anyone with basic HTML skills to create mobile applications.

Ratchetsoft – ( Via the power of web services, Ratchet-X allows users to add new capabilities to any application without having to modify the application in any way. In October, RatchetSoft will be releasing its first set of pre-configured application extensions called "Contact Xtend". Contact Xtend will allow users to incorporate Do Not Call, reverse phone look-up and address and email verification functionality into any application.

Solica – ( Solica’s mission is to configure, install and support CRM systems for customers in all sectors.  They have integrated the National Do Not Call List into their Goldmine add-on. They are currently working on adding several more to all of the CRM products they support.

About StrikeIron

Based in Research Triangle Park, NC, StrikeIron, Inc. is the leader in Web services commercialization with its breakthrough StrikeIron Web Services Business NetworkTM (WSBizNetTM).  WSBizNet includes the premier StrikeIron Web Services MarketplaceTM as the central ecommerce location for anyone to easily buy and sell Web services. The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace provides the most reliable and trusted commercial Web services available in the market across the broadest spectrum of business needs.  The Aurora Funds, Inc. and NC IDEA provided funding for StrikeIron after recognizing the significant opportunity presented by Web services and this unique management team. For more information, visit

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