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TrueCredit Chooses Covelight Systems to Secure Customer Information and Monitor Call Center Operations

CARY, NC, August 16, 2005 — Covelight Systems, an innovator of solutions for privacy protection and fraud management, today announced that TrueCredit, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUnion, has selected the Covelight Percept Privacy Protection and Fraud Management System to secure its customer service operation.  TrueCredit develops and markets credit-based products and services that deliver value to both consumers and the nation's largest financial institutions.

Covelight Percept will provide TrueCredit with the capability to monitor their internally developed customer relationship management solution utilized by their call centers.  It will also provide proactive monitoring and response to security and information privacy threats at the application level.

“TrueCredit evaluated several potential solutions, and only Covelight Percept provided the ability to monitor web applications and to detect policy violations and suspicious behavior as they occur,” said Scott Metzger, Chief Technology Officer at TrueCredit.  “It is critical to have this security level in place to monitor our call centers where there is potential access to sensitive data.”

“Gartner reports that 70% of all security incidents come from insiders, and a 2004 Ernst & Young report states that an insider attack against a large company causes an average of 2.7 million in damages,” said Bruce Pharr, director of corporate marketing at Covelight.  “TrueCredit’s selection of Covelight Percept to monitor its call center operations is a responsible safeguard that acknowledges the extent of the company’s responsibility to secure confidential customer information.”

Covelight Percept Privacy Protection and Fraud Management System protects confidential information and identity data from theft by comparing the key characteristics of each web-enabled authenticated user access against policies, individual user norms, and group norms to detect suspicious activity as it occurs. Percept also provides continuous user auditing for compliance, and forensic data for incident investigation.

According to Metzger, implementation was quick and easy.

“The entire process, including evaluation, purchase and production implementation, took 30 days,” said Metzger.  “Covelight has been very responsive to our needs and receptive to future enhancement requests.”

TrueCredit offers consumer credit products and services utilizing data from a variety of sources including the three national credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. For additional information about TrueCredit, visit:

For additional information about Covelight’s products and services, visit:


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