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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (June 16, 2005) – Metabolon, Inc., a leader in the application of metabolomics to discover novel biomarkers, today announced it has been awarded a contract from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to identify biomarkers occurring in women affected by premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

PMDD is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome that affects five percent of menstruating women. Symptoms of the disorder include marked depression, anxiety, tension, irritability and moodiness. Considered a mood disorder, women affected by PMDD have a significantly reduced quality of life. While triggered by reproductive hormones, the cause of PMDD is unknown, and current treatment options range from nutritional supplements to prescription medicine.

Metabolon scientists will compare samples from women with PMDD to samples from normal, healthy women under controlled hormonal conditions. Metabolon will analyze the data to identify biomarkers that indicate a metabolic difference between the two groups. Results from this study could potentially lead to more effective treatments for the disorder.

“PMDD afflicts a significant portion of the female population, yet little is known about it, and it has no definitive cure other than menopause,” said Reid Tripp, Vice President, Business Development of Metabolon.  “Metabolon’s technology will identify biomarkers that can be used to develop new treatments for the disorder itself, not just the symptoms.  This study reinforces the diversity and depth of metabolomics applications – Metabolon continues to be sought out by government, academia and industry to find biomarkers that may impact the way various disorders are treated in the future.”

About Metabolon

Metabolon is an industry leader in the discovery of biomarkers through the use of metabolomics, a powerful and new scientific approach for the discovery and development of drugs and the early diagnosis of disease states.  Metabolon's patent-pending technology is poised to dramatically impact drug discovery and development processes by accurately measuring the spectrum of biochemical changes and mapping these changes to metabolic pathways.  Metabolon's technology can identify safer compounds for development, shorten the time for drugs to get to market and identify novel biomarkers for earlier disease detection.  In conjunction with the NIH, Metabolon was recently honored as a recipient of the 2005 March of Dimes Award for Best Research in Prematurity. For additional information, visit

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