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Foresight launches Studio workflow automation facility

Single, simplified interface makes it easy to set up organization’s EDI front door and collect information for real-time business intelligence

Columbus, OH, April 5, 2005 –Health care organizations can now easily develop and configure workflow models for incoming and outgoing electronic transactions and extract critical operational information from them using Foresight Corporation’s new Studio workflow automation facility. Studio, in general release today, is a unified interface that brings “drag and drop” automation to the job of managing health care transaction flow and integration of Foresight’s Transaction Insight™ business intelligence application into the customer’s technology environment.

Electronic health care transactions passing between providers and payers are subject to certain operations before they enter or leave an organization’s internal systems, Ed Hafner, Foresight CTO, said. “They must be validated against HIPAA standards and trading partner-specific rules to ensure that they are in the proper format and contain the correct information; invalid transactions must be split from the batch and sent back for repair and resubmission; valid transactions need to be routed to relevant internal systems based on their content or type; and appropriate responses need to be generated and dispatched.”

Studio’s Workflow Editor allows users to select processes and drag and drop them onto the workflow panel. There, they can customize the processes’ operations, link them to define which process is executed in which order and where transactions are routed, and put the new system into operation. “Studio can manage multiple environments from a single workstation, including development, quality assurance, staging, and production systems,” Hafner said.

Studio also gives users the power to:

· Build new rules to guide transaction processing and routing
· Incorporate provider-specific rules, including clinical edits
· Add in payer-specific rules, including front-end and pre-adjudication edits
· Specify unique workflows and validation procedures by partner or by partner community
· Test new claims processes for particular partners or new rules, and report results.
· Ensure that transactions are in the proper format internally and externally by developing, maintaining, documenting, and publishing guides to these standards, and compare new guides to existing ones and merge them.

A 300 dpi image, or screenshot, of the new Studio interface can be found at
About Foresight Corporation

More than half of all Blue Cross/Blue Shield organizations trust Foresight Corporation’s transaction automation systems to provide insight into business operations while securing HIPAA compliance, shortening revenue cycles, reducing costs and improving provider relations. Since 1990 Foresight has helped its customers build networks compliant with government, industry, and organization standards, connect partners, validate transactions, and filter them for fast and easy repair. Today Foresight is the leader in transaction automation and pioneer of the first real time business intelligence techniques for healthcare. For more information, visit the company at or call 1.888.500.0800.


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