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Centice introduces new line of digital sensing spectrometer for OEM markets
Spectral Engines Feature a Breakthrough Spectroscopy Technology - Multimodal Multiplex Sampling
Durham, NC - February 28, 2005 - Centice Corporation today introduced its line of configurable OEM spectrometer engines based on a unique next generation optical sensing technology. Centice Digital Sensing Engines ("DSE") depart from conventional slit spectrometer technology in that they sample 100-1,000 signals simultaneously through a large area aperture instead of a single signal through a narrow slit. "Multimode Multiplex Sampling results in a tremendous increase in light throughput, measurement sensitivity and integration speed. In fact, we are typically seeing a 10-100x increase in Signal to Noise with many samples versus measuring through a slit." said Centice CTO, Prasant Potuluri, PhD. Further, unlike conventional spectrometers that force a trade off between resolution and throughput, Centice DSEs have no such performance trade-off - resolution is determined by the digitally-coded aperture and proprietary algorithms. The net result, DSEs can easily outperform legacy spectrometers in all important performance parameters.
Designed for the most demanding user environments, these high performance, compact spectral engines are ideal for integration into a variety of spectroscopy-based instruments and systems for medical diagnostics, laboratory research, and industrial process monitoring to name a few. Centice will be demonstrating its new DSEs at Pittcon booth #3384, February 28-March 3, in Orlando, Florida. Centice DSEs are highly customizable optical platforms and are available in many configurations, including Raman, fluorescence, and absorbance in the UV, UV-Vis, and NIR ranges. Resolution varies from <1 nm to ~ 2 nm, depending on the spectral range chosen.
"The DSE family of products represents the first true breakthrough in spectral sensing technology in many years - and the value is proven by the outstanding performance of this new technology," said Mike Sullivan, vice president of operations and technology at Centice. "Design engineers will find them particularly useful as a modular, optical building block for spectroscopic applications where sensitivity, speed, resolution, and cost are all important performance requirements. And when it comes to making difficult measurements in highly scattering medium such as blood, we have not found anything that even comes close to this new digital sensing technology."
About Centice
Centice, founded in 2003, is commercializing a patent-pending computational sensor technology originally developed at Duke University. Centice leverages this technology with its expertise in instrument design to produce a portfolio of high sensitivity optical sensing modules for the analytical, life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industries. More information on Centice can be found at
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Bruce Bradford
Director Business Development
Phone: (919) 490-1000

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