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StrikeIron Offers Global Address Verification Web Services

January 11, 2005

On-Demand access to reliable address information expanded to over 240 countries 

Research Triangle Park, NC – January 11, 2005 -- StrikeIron™ Inc., developer of the innovative StrikeIron Web Services Business Networkä (WSBizNetä) that simplifies working with Web services, today announced that it has expanded its Address Verification Web Services to instantly validate and enhance addresses from over 240 countries.  In addition, StrikeIron has created country-specific Address Verification Premium Web Services to meet the needs of individual country address specifications such as postal rules and address formats.  In addition to Global Address Verification, the first three countries supported are the United Kingdom, France, and India. 

“Accurate address information is critical for millions of businesses and inaccurate data can be extremely costly and tedious to correct and hurt customer service,” said Bob Brauer, President of StrikeIron.  “By using StrikeIron’s Global Address Verification Web Services, the validation and enhancement of address information is fast and precise allowing companies to improve the quality of leads, enhance customer data and integrate into any business applications in real-time.”

StrikeIron’s Global Address Premium Web Services access the world’s most complete database of address information for over 240 countries and territories.  The service automatically corrects and appends postal addresses and can provide corrections to users where available to improve productivity.

StrikeIron’s Global Address Premium Web Services provide the following benefits:

  •  Supports more than 240 countries
  • Delivers full address information and automatically fills in missing fields subject to country availability
  • Formats international addresses according to the postal standards of the respective country
  • Offers corrections for fraud protection where provided by the country
  • Displays Organization, Department, Building, Locality, Province and Postcode subject to each country  

The StrikeIron Global Address Verification Premium Web Services are part of the growing StrikeIron WSBizNet focused on providing ondemand data access to improve business decision processes.  Examples of additional Premium Web Services include D&B Business Information, Zacks, Financial Management Services, Do Not Call Lists, and Email Verification. These Web services are included as part of the largest and fastest growing directory of publicly available Web services with over 1000 entries. 

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About StrikeIron

Based in Research Triangle Park, NC, StrikeIron, Inc. is pioneering a break-through with the StrikeIron Web Services Business NetworkTM (WSBizNetTM) that greatly simplifies working with Web Services and enable broader adoption by business users and developers.  WSBizNet is an innovative integrated set of on-demand services and easier-to-use graphical tools to simplify publishing, finding, understanding, and utilizing Web services for easier and faster development of on-demand applications.  The Aurora Funds, Inc. provided funding for StrikeIron after recognizing the significant opportunity presented by Web services and this unique management team. For more information, visit

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