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StrikeIron Continues to Gain Momentum with more Finacial Services Offerings

Four additional financial Web services broadens access to the most up-to-date financial information  

  Research Triangle Park, NC – December 14, 2004 -- StrikeIron™ Inc., developer of the innovative StrikeIron Web Services Business Network™ (WSBizNet™) that simplifies working with Web services, today announced the availability of four additional financial management Web services to its expanding network. With these new additions, StrikeIron now provides comprehensive coverage of key real-time financial information for everything from broad econometric analysis, portfolio analysis and in-depth stock, mutual fund, security, and company analysis.

The four Web services are available on-demand as a “pay-per-use” subscription and include: StrikeIron Market Indices, StrikeIron Mutual Funds, StrikeIron Securities and StrikeIron Exchanges. Users can also easily integrate this data directly into Excel spreadsheets with the recently launched StrikeIron OnDemand Web Services for Microsoft Excel beta release. With this latest product, users can now simply drag and drop Web services directly into their spreadsheets to build on-demand applications that take advantage of real-time data access without any programming knowledge.

“Web services deliver an unparalleled efficiency of distributing real-time data and on-demand information,” said Richard Holcomb, Chairman and CEO of StrikeIron. “Developers and business users are able to take advantage of an easier and more cost-effective option for accessing and integrating real-time financial market data into Web sites, financial applications and any business applications to improve real-time business decision making.”

Benefits of these Financial Web services include:

The StrikeIron Market Indices Premium Web Service allows users to: 
  • Obtain delayed and last closing values for an index.
• Obtain historical index values by date or range of dates.  
• Obtain last closing and historical index values for a collection of indices. 
• Research all major indices.

The StrikeIron Mutual Funds Premium Web Service allows users to: 
  • Price portfolios easily and accurately with official NAVs. 
• Identify the last NAVs for a fund or a collection of funds. 
• Identify historical NAVs including a range of historical NAVs. 
• Identify top gaining and losing mutual funds for a date range. 
The StrikeIron Securities Premium Web Service allows users to: 
  • Gather a list of securities based on their Symbol, CUSIP, or CIK. 
• Otain the history of dividends and stock splits for a security from 1950 to today. 
• Obtain statistics on the mean and standard deviation for a stock growth as of any historical date. 
• Identify the largest declines in a stock or security price within a multi-year period for a security. 
• Gather historical market capitalization for a security.

The StrikeIron Exchanges Premium Web Service allows users to: 
  • Research if an exchange is open on a specified date and time.  
• Identify whether a date is a holiday and get a list of holidays during a specified year for an exchange. 
• Obtain the settlement date for a trade date based on an exchange settlement cycle. 
• Research the previous open date and the next open date for an exchange. 

The StrikeIron Financial Management Premium Web Services are part of the growing StrikeIron WSBizNet focused on providing on-demand data access to improve business decision processes. Additional Premium Web Services focus on Customer Contact Data Verification (Identity Verification), Data Quality, Do Not Call Compliance, Mobile Text Messaging and Directory Lookup information for Customer Contact Enhancements. These Web services are included as part of the largest and fastest growing directory of publicly available Web services with over 1000 entries.

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About StrikeIron
Based in Research Triangle Park, NC, StrikeIron, Inc. is pioneering a break-through with the StrikeIron Web Services Business Network™ (WSBizNet™) that greatly simplifies working with Web Services and enables broader adoption by business users and developers. WSBizNet is an innovative integrated set of on-demand services and easier-to-use graphical tools to simplify publishing, finding, understanding, and utilizing Web services. WSBizNet provides access to over 1000 Web services and an infrastructure platform for easier and faster development of on-demand applications. The Aurora Funds, Inc. provided funding for StrikeIron after recognizing the significant opportunity presented by Web services and this unique management team. For more information, visit

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