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Emageon Attains Market Clearance for Diagnostic Viewing of Digital Mammography

Bill Funderburk, Emageon • 205.980.7542 •

BIRIMINGHAM, AL – (October 25, 2004) – Emageon, a leading provider of intelligent visual medical systems, announced today that it has received market clearance for softcopy viewing of digital mammography from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This clearance specifically relates to Emageon’s UltraVisual advanced visualization software used in conjunction with FDA-approved display hardware.

 “This achievement completes another product roadmap objective,” said Mark Gehring, Emageon’s chief technology officer.  “Much planning and engineering effort went into this specialized toolset, consistent with Emageon’s philosophy of delivering multi-specialty content across the healthcare enterprise.  We will continue to introduce innovative, market-cleared visualization and analysis tools for specialties such as Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics and Surgery that have been reviewed for safety, efficacy and intended use.”

 Presentation quality mammography images and prior digitized mammography film images can be displayed using features that are native to Emageon’s software.  Standard tools include real-time pan/zoom with zoom presets; intuitive selection of current and prior images with customizable hanging protocols; fully configurable magnifying glass; comprehensive grayscale support with window/level presets; arbitrary image rotation; image filtering; key image creation for communicating with other physicians, and multiple display support.  All settings are configurable and follow the user throughout the enterprise.

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