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Real-Time Filtering Capabilities from Foresight Significantly Increase Efficiency of Transaction Process

Columbus, OH, March 9, 2004 – Foresight Corporation, the leading provider of advanced business solutions for healthcare, announces recently completed enhancements to their InStream™ application that provide significant advantages over systems that rely on static testing for compliance validation. By effectively validating HIPAA compliance in real-time, within production HIPAA processing environments, efficiency is greatly increased compared to programs that elect to simply trust their certification and/or their external partner testing process.

Validation systems that lack real-time filtering, relying on static testing, will often reject an entire batch of claims when an error is found, even when a single transaction is non-compliant. However, the advanced InStream™ process utilizes a unique document splitting technique that rejects only the non-compliant transactions while the compliant claims continue to be processed. InStream provides document splitting for all HIPAA transaction sets including enrollment, claims batched requests/responses, payments, and batched eligibility requests/responses.

"A clean testing process can greatly reduce errors as partners trade. But over time both party's systems will change including revenue and adjudication application systems, translations maps, and if used, clearinghouse environments," said Ed Hafner, CTO for Foresight. "In addition to standard maintenance, factors such as new HIPAA versions, frequent changes to external code set changes, and interpretations to the standards introduce change that will cause differences between systems. By providing real-time filtering of compliant transactions, we can maximize revenue, as well as the efficiency of the adjudication cycle." InStream™ also comes bundled with a wide range of options to customize the validation experience to best fit any partner community. The system provides a choice of non-compliance options to reach HIPAA smart partners or non-HIPAA literate partners. Using a unique profiling system, the type of edits and strength of edits may also be uniquely customized for groups of partners or for individual organizations.

About Foresight Corporation

Since 1990 Foresight has provided e-commerce productivity and data validation solutions to many health care organizations and Fortune 500 companies, and today is the marketplace leader in HIPAA transaction compliance with its HIPAA Validator® family of offerings, including: CommunityManager™ (for large community enablement), DeskTop (PC-based), and InStream™ (real-time) solutions. Foresight is proud to partner with many BCBS organizations and payer, facility and provider customers, including Aetna, Fairview Health System, Great West Life, Veritus Medicare Services, Mayo Foundation, McKesson, Oxford Health Plans, Inc., Preferred Provider of Michigan, PNC Bank, and Washoe Health Systems, Inc., as well as Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) organizations including: BCBS of Illinois, BCBS of Michigan, BCBS of New Mexico and BCBS of Texas, and many others. For more information, visit the company at or call 1.888.500.0800.


HIPAA Validator is a registered trademark and InStream and CommunityManager are trademarks of Foresight Corporation.

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