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Covelight Systems Releases Covelight Percept – The First Application-Level Threat and Risk Management Security Appliance

Gartner Security Summit, Washington, DC, June 7, 2004 – Covelight Systems, Inc., ( the application security intelligence company, today announced general availability of Covelight Percept™, the first Web application security threat and risk management appliance that analyzes transactions and detects internal and external Web application violations.

Covelight Percept is a passive security appliance that transparently monitors application
transactions to detect and measure threats, vulnerabilities and risk. Using a browser-based
client, Covelight Percept operators can monitor and analyze application threats including
malicious attacks, and, unlike Web firewall solutions, business-level threats such as
compromised credentials, unauthorized information access, regulatory compliance
violations and competitive espionage. The appliance can be installed and configured in
less than one hour.

Covelight Percept makes a timely market entry, given the amount of sensitive
information accessed via Web applications, the rise in threats to Web applications, and
the prevalence of insider misuse. Covelight Percept is the only application security threat
management device developed to specifically address business layer offenses originating
within the enterprise or extended enterprise. With Covelight Percept, the remediation
time of application security incidents drops from days to minutes.
“Monitoring use of applications by authenticated, authorized individuals is the next step
in securing enterprise operations,” said Richard Stiennon, vice president of research at

“Covelight Percept’s unique technology and approach have given us tremendous insight
and visibility into securing our applications,” said Bill Moore, VP Manager Information
Security, First Citizen’s Bank. “In a very short period of time we’ve been able to employ
Covelight’s solution to mitigate the risks associated with operating a Web application

Covelight Percept uses patent-pending technology called Transaction Flow Auditing™ to
analyze all application traffic within the context of user behavior. By analyzing all
application activity against a model of user behaviors, Covelight Percept dramatically
increases the likelihood of detecting application security violations, and avoids the
occurrence of false positive incidents.

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