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Emageon To Provide Enterprise Medical Image Management Solution for Baptist Health System


BIRMINGHAM, AL – (December 4, 2002) – Emageon, a leading provider of enterprise solutions for medical imaging, announced today that Baptist Health System, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama (BHS) has chosen Emageon to deploy and manage its entire enterprise-wide storage and distribution architecture for medical imaging.

As part of this agreement, Emageon will provide a centralized diagnostic imaging storage and distribution infrastructure allowing BHS to take advantage of existing departmental PACS components throughout its system and utilize Emageon’s open-systems architecture to further expand its digital imaging capabilities. The first phase of the implementation will involve Baptist Montclair, Baptist Princeton, Baptist Shelby and Baptist Walker hospitals, which account for over 360,000 annual radiological studies per year. These four hospitals, which have an existing, yet enterprise-limited PACS deployment, will utilize Emageon’s software and services to further deploy medical imaging solutions throughout the BHS enterprise in order to improve quality of care, access to information, system reliability and overall operational efficiencies.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Emageon,” said Jeff Brewer, BHS’ Senior Vice President of Shared Services. “This relationship will enable us to finally realize the value of expanding medical imaging information throughout our entire health system. Having implemented limited, departmental PACS components in the past, we were unable to provide enterprise access to a central digital imaging infrastructure. Emageon’s industry leading technology will enable us to provide this immediate access to critical imaging information everywhere. This will enhance BHS’ ability to meet our standards of providing the highest quality of care to our patients and the highest levels of service to our physician community.”

“A critical layer in BHS’ strategic information technology initiatives was building a comprehensive, storage and distribution foundation for all clinical imaging,” said Milton Silva-Craig, Emageon’s Chief Operating Officer. “Utilizing this approach, BHS realized that it could leverage an imaging infrastructure which would provide better clinical services and also lower overall operating costs across the entire enterprise, versus what was available with the departmental PACS alone. An informed and experienced user of traditional PACS technology, BHS determined that its existing PACS system lacked the capacity to deliver an open-systems framework for image integration into its enterprise applications, including its current EMR deployment. We are honored to have been selected by BHS as a partner and to provide the technology which will allow BHS to realize its enterprise value equation.”

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